Mindfulness & Emotional Hygiene Education Program

Part of the online municipal education platform G.A.L.S. will include a space to teach the public how to learn about mindfulness and emotional hygiene. Our goal is to work with communities, churches, and mental health nonprofits to educate the public on various mindfulness and emotional hygiene strategies to improve health, education, and quality of life. G.A.L.S. will also be working closely with other mental health and education programs. 

Specific activities we will conduct – have space for mindfulness and emotional hygiene education services teaching about the different strategies to help improve overall health such as courses on: love, compassion, nonviolence, vulnerability, empathy, resilience, self-care, and meditation practices

Where the activities will be conducted – connecting through our online platform, communities will have educational consulting by our staff, and connecting with churches and mental health nonprofits, who will also plan for specific brick and mortar locations in the community to meet face to face

When or how often the activities occur – flexible dates and times will be created to support the community

How the activities further our exempt purpose – help in the advancement health, education, and quality of life