College Prep Program

Part of the online municipal education platform G.A.L.S. will include a space to promote college education and prepare individuals in the community for attending colleges and universities. Our goal is to help with the advancement of education for anyone, any age, to have college prep courses available at any time and from any place. G.A.L.S. will also be working closely with other educational programs.

Specific activities we will conduct – courses to prepare individuals for college such as: SAT, general math, general English, time management, study habits, financial aid, college application process, and technology skills

Where the activities will be conducted – available through our online platform and eventually work with communities for options of face-to-face and hybrid education, and we will also connect with other educational nonprofits and schools

When or how often the activities occur – flexible dates and times will be created to support the community

How the activities further our exempt purpose – help people in the community with advancement of education